LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace  |  Zero-Clearance

Models: 2200JN/JP, 2200LJN/P & 2200RJN/P

Valor's multi-sided linear fireplace now offers two engine styles to choose from. The 3-Sided engine is designed for 180 degree enjoyment, while the Corner engines offers design flexibility. The LX2 provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

Available with splitwood, driftwood, rock and shale, and two types of glass fire beds, the LX2 will suit homeowners who value aesthetics, performance and safety.

The LX2 requires the Valor HeatShift System® - reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance.

Choose Your LX2 Fireplace Design

LX2 Series

LX2 Corner Right (2200RJN/P)

Rock and Shale & Reflective Glass Liner

LX2 Series

LX2 3-Sided (2200JN/P)

Decorative Glass & Reflective Glass Liner

LX2 Series

LX2 Corner Left (2200LJN/P)

Murano Glass & Reflective Glass Liner


Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
2200JN 36,000 19,000 26,028 67.40%
2200JP 36,000 21,000 26,028 67.40%
2200LJN/RJN 36,000 19,000 25,975 65.90%
2200LJP/RJP 36,000 21,000 25,975 65.90%

Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Framing & Venting Please refer to the Owner's Manual for more information.
Remote Control ValorStat Max Remote (GV60MAX)
Wall Control Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit (RBWSK)
Additional Features Overhead Lighting | Safety Screen | No Power, No Problem

HeatShift System®

Required with the LX2, reduce wall temperatures and improve overall performance with HeatShift. Ideal when adding a wall mounted TV or heat sensitive materials directly above the fireplace. Learn more



2200JN/JP LX2 3-Sided Engine (requires fuel bed & liner below)
2200RJN/RJP LX2 Right Corner Engine (requires fuel bed & liner below)
2200LJN/LJP LX2 Left Corner Engine (requires fuel bed & liner below)

Fuel Beds

1700SWK | Splitwood Logs

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1705DWK | Long Beach Driftwood

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1714RSS | Rock & Shale

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2200DGM | Murano Glass

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2200DGS | Decorative Glass

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Liners & Panels

2200FBL/P | Fluted Black

2200LML/P | Limestone

2200RGL/P | Reflective Glass

Please note that when ordering a corner engine, you will be required to order an additional corner panel with the liner.

Optional Accessories

658DVK2 Direct Vent Sidewall Terminal & Wall Thimble
658NSFK New Siding Flashing Kit
1270RBK Remote Blower Kit
2200LSB Lower Shelf (Black Granite)
2200USB Upper Shelf (Black Granite)

Optional Steel Framing Kit

Simplify your LX2's installation using our optional steel framing kit. The 2200SFK consists of 3 sections designed to match the footprint of the LX2 engine and provide improved installation of the unit.

2200SFK Steel Framing Kit

For a complete listing of LX2 components please visit the Owner's Manual section.

HeatShift™ (Required)

Choose between a plenum (comes with finishing frame) or two 14" grilles to complete your HeatShift installation - reducing wall temperatures and improving overall performance.

For complete details on the Valor HeatShift™ System please click here.

CAD Files

For information on Valor CAD files, please click here or visit our CADdetails.com profile.

Fireplace Safety

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in the house. Learn more.



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