Freestanding Gas Stoves

Versatile in design, Valor gas stoves nestle comfortably in cold basement spaces or tight room configurations.

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Looking to warm up a cold basement, spruce up a corner nook or add style to a smaller room in your home?

Freestanding gas stoves can vent through existing chimneys, through the roof with new venting, or out the wall via a direct vent installation. Continuously warming objects in its path, a gas stove provides radiant heat that will satisfy your comfort needs while using 25% less energy compared to forced air systems. Like most Valor products, our stoves offer built-in secondary heat exchangers that naturally enhance the convected heat, removing the need for a fan.

Features & Benefits

Valor Remote Control System

With your thermostat at your fingertips, the ValorStat remote is convenient, reliable and easy to use, helping you program your fireplace to suit your living space. The wireless connection simplifies installation and is ready to go once the fireplace is installed.

Valor Remote Controls.

Traditional and Modern Designs

Our Freestanding stoves provides a choice between a variety of design styles, from traditional to modern, without sacrificing the most important Valor ingredient—efficient, radiant warmth. Upgrade your home's look and feel with one of our energy-efficient freestanding gas stoves.

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Efficient, Radiant Warmth

Our freestanding stoves supply a constant flow of radiant heat and naturally convected warm air. Valor heaters utilize special steel and ceramic components that heat up quickly.

Valor Radiant Heat

Zone Heating

With one or more in your main living zones, you can enjoy increased comfort while reducing furnace usage in colder weather or eliminating it during warmer spring and fall weather.

Zone Heat with a Valor Gas Fireplace.

Valor Freestanding Gas Stoves

Valor Madrona Gas Stove

Madrona Gas Stove

Offers the expected comfort of Valor's unparalleled radiant gas warmth in a modern, Scandinavian-inspired design.

Valor Madrona Gas Stove

Valor Portrait President Gas Stove

President Gas Stove

Capable of both top and rear vent installations. Displays great as a freestanding unit or tight against an exterior wall.

Valor President Gas Stove