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Offering a suite of high-performance zero-clearance gas fireplaces that can be installed just about anywhere.

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Zero Clearance Gas Fireplaces

Zero-clearance fireplaces are pre-manufactured fireplaces that can be installed almost directly against combustible materials like wood, walls, or paneling. The construction and materials of the firebox do not allow the outside temperatures of the firebox to affect those materials and do not require a hearth. They do not need a chimney for venting and can be vented through the roof or an exterior wall.

Valor Gas Fireplaces

Valor's zero-clearance fireplaces are an excellent choice for anyone looking to upgrade their space. Choose from a number of traditional or modern fireplace designs to match your home.
Valor H6 Gas Fireplace

H6 Gas Fireplace

Large in presence, the firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installations.

H6 Gas Fireplace


Valor H5 gas fireplace

H5 Gas Fireplace

A diverse fireplace that blends distinct, high-quality materials with the latest in radiant and convective heat technology.

H5 Gas Fireplace


Valor H4 Gas Fireplace

H4 Gas Fireplace

Elevated to your preferred height, the H4 fits comfortably in surrounding wall surfaces, eliminating the need for a traditional hearth.

H4 Gas Fireplace


Valor H3 gas fireplace

H3 Gas Fireplace

With a variety of media options, the H3 can accommodate any design style while providing efficient, radiant warmth.

H3 Gas Fireplace


Valor Horizon gas fireplace

Horizon Gas Fireplace

The Horizon fireplace features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications.

Horizon Gas Fireplace


Valor P2 Gas Fireplace

P2 Gas Fireplace

With versatile options and the ability to install as an insert or zero-clearance fireplace, the opportunities are endless.

P2 Gas Fireplace


Valor Portrait Series Gas Fireplace

Portrait ZC Gas Fireplace

Countless installation options allow you to explore your architectural and interior design inspirations.

Portrait Gas Fireplace


Valor LT1 Gas Fireplace

LT2 Gas Fireplace

The LT2 continues to raise the bar to provide energy-efficient, radiant warmth while offering a remarkable aesthetic.

LT2 Gas Fireplace  
Valor LT1 Gas Fireplace

LT1 Gas Fireplace

The LT1 continues to raise the standards for linear gas fireplaces with a 33% taller viewing area compared to the L1.

LT1 Gas Fireplace  
Valor LX2 Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace

LX2 Gas Fireplace

The LX2 Multi-Sided gas fireplace provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

LX2 Gas Fireplace


Valor LX1 Pier Gas Fireplace

LX1 Pier Gas Fireplace

The LX1 Pier easily fits into any home, creating two rooms out of one or easing the transition from one to another.

LX1 Gas Fireplace


Valor L3 gas fireplace

L3 Linear Gas Fireplace

At nearly 70 inches wide, the L3 provides a stunning viewing area, beautiful flame, and efficient radiant warmth.

L3 Gas Fireplace


Valor L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

The L2 linear fireplace boasts an impressive 50" viewing area highlighting magnificent flames within.

L2 Gas Fireplace


Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

The L1 is a highly effective radiant and convective heater with a 40" viewing area. Ideal for medium-sized spaces.

L1 Gas Fireplace


Valor L1 See-Thru gas fireplace

L1 See-Thru Fireplace

Bridge the gap between living space or two rooms with Valor warmth for efficient zone heating.

L1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace


Valor outdoor gas fireplaces


Now you can bring the comfort of your Valor gas fireplace outdoors by adapting any zero-clearance gas fireplace with our Outdoor Conversion Kit.

A Valor radiant gas fireplace provides the heat you and your family need to replace the outdoor chill with comfortable, radiant warmth.

Valor Outdoor Gas Fireplaces


Valor remotes and control apps offer a convenient, reliable, and easy-to-use system, helping you program your fireplace to suit your living needs.


Valor Remote Controls



Transfer convective heat from the fireplace upwards through hidden ducts and direct it back into the room without the need for electricity or a fan.


Valor HeatShift System



Our radiant gas fireplaces allow you to take advantage of Zone Heating by distributing heat to other rooms in your home—a great alternative to central heating.


Valor Zone Heating



Valor gas fireplaces provide an unparalleled viewing experience along with energy-efficient radiant heat. From traditional to modern designs, rest assured that your Valor will keep you warm for years to come.



Bring the comfort of a Valor gas fireplace outdoors by adapting any zero-clearance gas fireplace or specified gas fireplace insert with our Outdoor Conversion Kit.


Outdoor Gas Fireplaces



A direct vent gas fireplace is a method of venting the appliance whereby all air for combustion is derived directly from the outside atmosphere, and all flue gases are discharged directly to the outside atmosphere. No chimney is required.

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