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G3 Gas Insert

The G3 was first introduced in 1991 as part of our flagship line and has been exceeding customer expectations ever since. Innovation, attention to detail and continuous improvement have positioned the G3 as the industry's number one selling radiant gas insert.

Easy-to-use, energy-saving features make the G3 insert a true leader in efficient, effective zone heating. The G3 also includes the AutoFire™ System, providing peak performance and improved operating efficiencies—saving you energy.

The V-Class G3 gas insert now features three new log sets—birch, driftwood, and traditional logs—to offer a richly hued, radiant glow and energy-efficient heat.


Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
739MN 24,000 6,500 18,132 70.30%
739MP 24,000 13,000 18,132 70.30%
739VN 24,000 13,000 18,388 70.00%
739VP 24,000 13,000 18,388 70.00%
Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote Control Quick Guide | Manual
Viewing Area 26 ⅛" w x 12 ⅛" h = 317"²
Min. Cavity Dimensions 28" w x 20" h x 12" d
Wall Control 1265WSK
Installation Type Direct Vent or B-Vent
Safety Features Fireplace Safety Tips
CAD's Fireplace CAD details.


Since its introduction in 1991, the Valor G3 gas insert has been efficiently warming homes throughout North America. Updated for 2023, the G3 offers a V-Class burner and new birch, driftwood, and traditional logs.


AutoFire dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance and improved efficiencies. Higher outputs and less fuel consumption will save your home energy.

AutoFire™ for Gas Inserts

Options And Features

Fuel Beds
G3 Gas Insert Birch Logs
739VBLK | Birch Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Driftwood Logs
739VDWK | Driftwood Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Traditional Logs
739VLSK | Traditional Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Traditional Logs
739TLK | Traditional Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Classic Logs
739CLK | Classic Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Driftwood
739DWK | Driftwood
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Log Set
739LSK | Logs
View Flame Video
G3 Gas Insert Rock Set
739RSK | Rocks
View Flame Video
Gas Fireplace Fluted Black Liner
739FBL | Fluted Black
View Now
Gas Fireplace Reflective Black Glass Liner
739RGL | Reflective Glass
View Now
Red Brick Liner
739VRL | Red Brick
View Now
Engine Options
739MN/MP Direct Vent G3 Insert Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
739VN/VP Direct Vent V-Class G3 Insert Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
741SFB Contemporary Front - Black (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
742CFB Cast Iron Front - Black (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
743FVI FenderFire Double Door Front (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
744FVI FenderFire Single Door Front (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
745CFV Clearview Front - Vintage Iron (choose Fret option) (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
765CSB Contemporary Surround Front - Black (739 engine only) (34"w x 21 ½"h)
765CSN Contemporary Surround Front - Brushed Nickel (739 engine only) (34"w x 21 ½"h)
772MBF2 Matte Black Front (739 engine only) (29 ¼"w x 23"h)
740CAP Clearview Access Panel
758CCB Clearview Cast Fret
1225VFB Ventana Fret
715CVI Cast Iron - Vintage Iron (41"w x 29"h)
746CTK 3-Sided Contour - Black (36 ½"w x 26 ¾"h)
747DTK 3-Sided Deluxe - Black (36 ½"w x 26 ¾"h)
753OTK 3-Sided Oversized - Black (45-3/16"w x 31"h)
756STB 3-Sided Square - Black (37 ½"w x 27 ⅛"h)
756STV 3-Sided Square - Vintage Iron (37 ½"w x 27 ⅛"h)
757STB 4-Sided Square - Black (37 ½"w x 31 ⅛"h)
764PFB 4-Sided Square Picture Frame - Black (39 ½"w x 27 ⅛"h)
767STB 3-Sided Square - Black (34-3/8"w x 25-5/8"h)
Optional Backing Plates / Closure Plates
763BPB Backing Plate - Black (43"w x 30 ½"h)
750OCP Oversized Closure Plate - Black (adjustable size - see manual)
Optional Accessories
559CLT Co-Linear Terminal
559SFK Square Flashing Kit (for use with 559CLT)
720SWK Co-Linear Side Wall Kit (for use with 739J engine)
720SWK-M Co-Linear Side Wall Kit (for use with 739M engine)
725RTB Riser Kit - Black - 40" w x 2 ½" h
751LTK Lift Trim Kit - Black (must be used with 752BTK)
752BTK Base Trim Kit - Black
755CFK Circulating Fan Kit (739 engine only)
761DRK Decorative Rock Kit (addition to 739RSK)
762TRB Temperature Reduction Baffle
GV60BRK 1-Hour Shut Down Handset (739 engine only)
GV60CKO Outdoor Conversion Kit
GV60NTK Non-Thermostat Handset (739 engine only)
GV60PAK Power Adapter Kit (739 engine only)


Additional Manuals or Options
ValorStat Plus ValorStat Plus Remote Manual and Quick Guide
738 BV B-Vent Specifications
739 DV Direct Vent Specifications
739CLK Classic Log Kit
739TLK Traditional Log Kit
770ZCK Zero Clearance Kit (738 engine only)
1265WSK Wall Switch Kit
Gas Conversion Kits
738 NGK G3 Insert B-Vent Natural Gas Conversion Kit
738 PGK G3 Insert B-Vent Propane Gas Conversion Kit
739 NGK G3 Insert DV Natural Gas Conversion Kit
739 PGK G3 Insert DV Propane Gas Conversion Kit
739VNGK/VPGK G3 V-Class Insert Gas Conversion Kit
Archived Models & Accessories
738BVN/BVP G3 738BV B-Vent Insert
738BXN/P G3 738X B-Vent Insert
738JL/JP G3 738J B-Vent Insert
738JN/JP G3 738J B-Vent Insert
738KN/KP B-Vent Insert Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
738KN/KP B-Vent G3 Insert Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
739DVN/DVP G3 739DV Insert
739IL/IR G3 739I Insert
739JLN-IRP G3 739JL Insert
739JN/JP G3 739J Insert
739MN/MP Direct Vent Insert Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
748CTK 4-Sided Contour - Black (36 ½"w x 30 ¼"h)
749DTK 4-Sided Deluxe - Black
750OVI Oversized Closure Plate - Vintage Iron
765CSC Contemporary Surround Front - Copper (739 engine only) (34"w x 21 ½"h)
770ZCK Zero Clearance Kit


746CTK,748CT, 756ST, 7675TB, 7575T, 715CV, 764PF 747DTK, 753OTK 763BPB
Minimum Depth 12-7/8" 12-1/4" 14-3/4"
Minimum Height 20-1/2" 20-1/2" 24"
Minimum Width 28" 28" 31"
Valor Fireplaces Safety Information


A Valor Barrier Screen is recommended with all fireplace applications, and is included with your purchase. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in your home. Fireplace Safety