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RetroFire Gas Insert

Now there is a quick and easy way to turn your existing fireplace into an energy-efficient heat source. Engineered to keep the heat inside your home rather than up the chimney, the RetroFire insert is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory-built wood-burning fireplaces.

The direct vent co-linear RetroFire is now available with AutoFire™ to dynamically tune your fireplace for peak performance. AutoFire™ provides improved operating efficiencies resulting in energy savings in your home.

*Only co-Linear engines are equipped with the Valor AutoFire™ system.


Model Max Input Min Input Max Output Energuide
RF24JDN-CA 20,000 6,500 14,322 70.03%
RF24JDN-CL* 20,000 6,500 14,294 64.20%
RF24JDP-CA 18,000 12,500 13,248 67.18%
RF24JDP-CL* 18,000 12,500 12,118 57.74%
Gas Type Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)
Remote Control Quick Guide | Manual
Viewing Area 21 ½" w x 11 ¾" h = 252 ⅝"²
Min. Cavity Dimensions 27" w x 20" h x 14 ⅛" d
Optional Wall Control 1265WSK
Installation Type Direct Vent
Safety Features Barrier screen | Learn More
CAD's Fireplace CAD details.


AutoFire dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance and improved efficiencies. Higher outputs and less fuel consumption will save your home energy.

AutoFire™ for Gas Inserts

Options And Features

Fuel Beds
Valor Madrona Gas Stove Driftwood Logs
MF28DWK | Driftwood
View Flame Video
Retrofire Gas Insert Log Set
MF28LSK | Logs
View Flame Video
Engine Options
RF24JDN/P Retrofire JD Owner's Manual - NG or LPG
RF24JDN/P Retrofire JD Installation Manual - NG or LPG
Vent Slider Plate
RF24CA Co-Axial Slider Plate (for use with RF24JD engine)
RA24CL Co-Linear Slider Plate (for use with RF24JD engine) - with AutoFire™
Optional Frets
RA24FK Fret Bracket Kit (required for Frets)
758CCB Clearview Cast Fret
1225VFB Ventana Fret
RA24TB Traditional Fret - Black
Optional Accessories
555CFK Circulating Fan Kit
559CLT Co-Linear Terminal
559SFK Square Flashing Kit (for use with 559CLT)
590FVK2 Flex Vent Kit
720SWK Co-Linear Side Wall Kit
751LTK Lift Trim Kit - Black (must be used with 752BTK/BVK)
752BTK Base Trim Kit - Black
GV60BRK 1-Hour Shut Down Handset
GV60CKO Outdoor Conversion Kit
GV60NTK Non-Thermostat Handset
RA24DS Draw Screen Kit


Additional Manuals or Options
ValorStat Plus ValorStat Plus Remote Manual and Quick Guide
RF24JDN/P RF24JD Installation Checklist
Venting Specifications and Venting Options
RBWSK Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit (RF24JD engine only)
Gas Conversion Kits
RF24 JBNK/JBPK Retrofire Insert Gas Conversion Kit
RF24 JDNK/JDPK Retrofire Insert Gas Conversion Kit
RF24 NGK/PGK Retrofire Insert Gas Conversion Kit
Archived Models & Accessories
RA24CV Contemporary Fret - Vintage Iron
RA24ZC Zero Clearance Retrofire Conversion Kit (ZC B-Vent only)
RF24BV Retrofire B-Vent
RF24DN/DP Retrofire Direct Vent
RF24DV Retrofire Direct Vent
RF24IDN/IDP Retrofire Direct Vent
RF24JBN/JBP RetroFire Insert
RF24JDN/P Direct Vent RetroFire Engine - Natural Gas or Propane (requires Vent Slider Plate)
RF24KBN/P B-Vent RetroFire Engine - Natural Gas or Propane
RF24KBN/P< Dimensions RF24K dimensions, clearances and venting
RF24XBN/XBP Retrofire B-Vent
749DTK 4-Sided Deluxe - Black
Valor Fireplaces Safety Information


A Valor Barrier Screen is recommended with all fireplace applications, and is included with your purchase. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in your home. Fireplace Safety