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Conveniently control your gas fireplace with the Valor 10 mobile remote app, available now.

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Select Valor gas fireplaces now offer the ability to control your fireplace from the Valor 10 remote app, available now for Apple Store and Google Play compatible devices. Take full control of your fireplace with intuitive and interactive options—including the ability to program your fireplace, set a countdown timer, or integrate child safety locks.

The Valor 10 remote app is available on fireplaces that are compatible with the GV60WiFi system which includes the Valor 10 remote control and a WiFi receiver box. Click here for a complete list of compatible gas fireplaces.


Take Complete Control

  • Increase or decrease flame height to find the perfect ambiance.
  • Use the color wheel to find the ideal temperature setting.

Program on the Go

  • Set a countdown timer to set when your fireplace shuts off.
  • Utilize up to 8 different program settings. Set days, time and temperature settings to match your lifestyle.
Control your Valor Gas Fireplace with our remote app

Save on Energy Costs

  • Save energy while enjoying a changing, realistic flame with ECO mode.
  • The percentage of energy saved is shown in the circle/leaf icon.

Control Lights & Fans

  • Adjust the overhead lighting within the fireplace from 20% - 100%, or simply choose ON or OFF.
  • Set the speed of the fan (if applicable) from low to high.
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Manual Mode

Manually decrease or increase flame height.

  1. Select Manual Mode from the left sidebar.
  2. Touch the color wheel to decrease or increase flame height. Blue is low flame and red is high flame.

For instant adjustment, touch small flame icon for low fire or large flame icon for high fire. Touch standby icon for pilot flame.

Thermostatic Mode

The room temperature is measured and then compared to the set temperature. The flame height automatically adjusts to achieve the set temperature.

  1. Select Thermostatic Mode from the left sidebar.
  2. Touch the color wheel to set the temperature. Blue is the lowest temperature setting and red is the highest.

After touching the color wheel, the new set temperature is shown in the middle of the circle for approx. 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the room temperature is shown in the middle of the circle. An arrow either above or below the room temperature indicates the flame height going up or down to reach set temperature.

Countdown Timer

At the end of a preset countdown time, the fire turns off.

  1. Select Countdown Timer from the left or right/bottom sidebars.
  2. Spin the hour wheel to set hour. Spin the minute wheel to set minutes.
  3. Touch power button to start Countdown Timer. (The time remaining is shown on top of screen next to hourglass icon.)
  4. Touch power button to stop Countdown Timer.

Countdown Timer only works in Manual, Thermostatic, and Eco modes.

Program Mode

Each of 8 programs can be set to go ON and OFF at specific times at set temperatures.

  1. Select Program Mode from the left sidebar.
  2. Turn ON desired Program (1 – 8) by touching the power button.
  3. To change days, times, or ON/OFF temperature, touch the program number (circle 1).
  4. Touch the section of the setting wheel to be changed (time, temp, day). Change the setting.
  5. Confirm your changes by touching the yellow checkmark.

To delete a program, touch that program number and go to program settings. Touch red CLEAR button and then touch the red check mark.

For a complete overview of program mode and advanced features, please refer to the owner's manual.

Eco Mode

Save energy while enjoying a changing, realistic flame picture.

  1. Select Eco Mode from the left sidebar.
  2. Choose between low fire, medium fire, and high fire.
  3. Choose time button (15 min, 20 min, or 25 min). The percentage of energy saved is shown in the circle/leaf.

A shorter time cycle results in a more active flame picture.

Automatic Energy Saving Mode

Corresponds to the set temperature in Thermostatic Mode.

  1. Touch/slide auto temperature button next to flame button to ON.

If the room temperature is lower than the set temperature, the flame height stays on high for a longer period of time. If the room temperature is higher than the set temperature, the flame height stays on low for a longer period of time.

  1. Choose the time button (15 min, 20 min, or 25 min). The percentage of energy saved is shown in the circle/leaf.

A shorter time cycle results in a more active flame picture.

Fan Control

Circulating fan has 4 speed levels from low (1) to high (4).

  1. Select Fan from the left or right/bottom sidebars.
  2. Touch power button to start Fan.

The fan turns on at a preset level.

  1. Touch or slide to increase or decrease fan speed.
  2. Touch fan icon or power button again and fan turns OFF

The fan works with fire ON or OFF.

Lighting/Dimmer Control

Light adjusts from 20% to 100%

  1. Select light from the left or right/bottom sidebars.
  2. Touch power button to turn light ON.

Light turns on at preset level.

  1. Slide circle from bottom to top to adjust light from 20% to 100%.
  2. Touch light icon or power button again and the light turns off.

Light works with fire ON or OFF.

User Profiles

Save individual fireplace settings in up to 4 different profiles.

  1. Select Profile from the left sidebar.
  2. Select 1 of the 4 programs.

Selecting a profile for the first time saves current fireplace settings to that profile.

  1. Change a setting and a pop-up asks if you want to save the change to that profile.
  2. Exit profile by changing a profile setting, and not saving change in pop-up.

Child Safety Lock

Renders smart device inoperable except for the OFF function and information page.

Symax handset must be locked separately

  1. Select Safety Lock from the left sidebar.

A pop-up shows user the Child Safety Lock is ON, and the Safety Lock icon appears on the lower right quarter of the home screen’s blue temperature circle.

  1. To deactivate Child Safety Lock, touch the Child Safety Lock icon in the left menu and on the lower right quarter of the blue temperature circle simultaneously for 2 seconds.

Compatible Gas Fireplaces

Valor LT1 Gas Fireplace

LT2 Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 2700KN/KP

The LT2 continues to raise the bar to provide energy-efficient, radiant warmth while offering a remarkable aesthetic.

LT2 Gas Fireplace


Valor LT1 Gas Fireplace

LT1 Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 2500KN/KP

The LT1 continues to raise the standards for linear gas fireplaces with a 33% taller viewing area compared to the L1.

LT1 Gas Fireplace


Valor LX2 Multi-Sided Gas Fireplace

LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 2200K/LK/RK

The LX2 Multi-Sided fireplace provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

LX2 Mult-Sided Gas Fireplace


Valor LX1 Pier Gas Fireplace

LX1 Pier Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 2100PKN/PKP

The LX1 Pier eases the transition from room to another while providing radiant heat.

LX1 Pier Gas Fireplace


Valor L3 gas fireplace

L3 Linear Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1800KN/KP

At nearly 70 inches wide, the L3 provides stunning visuals, and efficient radiant warmth.

L3 Linear Gas Fireplace


Valor L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

L2 Linear Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1700KN/KP

The L2 boasts an impressive 50" viewing area highlighting magnificent flames within.

L2 Linear Gas Fireplace


Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

L1 Linear Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1500KN/KP

The L1 is a highly effective radiant and convective heater with a 40" viewing area.

L1 Linear Gas Fireplace


Valor L1 See-Thru gas fireplace

L1 See-Thru Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1600KN/KP

A transitional piece that connects two rooms while providing efficient zone heating.

L1 See-Thru Gas Fireplace


Valor H6 gas fireplace

H6 Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1400MN/MP

The H6 is our largest square gas fireplace, providing steady, even heat.

H6 Gas Fireplace


Valor H5 gas fireplace

H5 Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 1100MN/MP

The H5 is a diverse fireplace that blends distinct, high-quality materials.

H5 Gas Fireplace

Valor P2 gas fireplace

P2 Fireplace

Compatible Engines: 200AN/AP

The next generation of the Portrait Series is here with the P2 gas fireplace.

P2 Gas Fireplace

What do I need for WiFi Compatibility?
Valor 10 Remote System Valor 10 Receiver & Remote Kit
GV60VM GV60 V-Module Kit
GV60WiFi GV60 WiFi Module Kit

Downloads and Support

Getting Started

To ensure that the installation of your Valor 10 WiFi system goes smoothly, follow these steps to prepare your home before your authorized Valor dealer installs or upgrades your fireplace. Please note the minimum system requirements for optimal performance.

In-Home Setup

  • Must have an internet connection.
  • Must have wireless router, located close to the room with the fireplace. Be prepared to add a WiFi repeater if signal strength at the fireplace location is weak.
  • Have your home WiFi password on hand.
  • Ensure that your smartphone and or tablet device can run the Valor 10 App (see download options above). Download to device before installers arrive.
  • Have 120v AC power available at the fireplace installation location to power V-module.

Mimimum System Requirements

  • Supports Apple iOS 6.0 or later and Android 4.2 and up.
  • App takes up 60.3 MB for Apple/iOS and 19 MB for Android.
  • Does not work on PC or Mac computers.
  • An internet connection is necessary for the app to control the fireplace(s).
  • SSID Address (Home WiFi Network Name) & password are needed.
  • Controlling smart device must use home WiFi network (can not be controlled from network outside of the home).
  • Can control up to 8 gas fireplaces. Each fireplace requires a separate WiFi receiver.
Additional Downloads and Setup Instructions
Home Setup In-home WiFi setup guide and minimum system requirements
GV60WiFi GV60 WiFi Control Software Instructions
GV60WiFi GV60 WiFi Upgrade Instructions
Remote Quick Guide Valor 10 Remote Control Guide
Remote Manual Valor 10 Remote Control Manual

For support, please contact or your authorized Valor Fireplaces dealer.