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Valor fireplaces are sold via our authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Valor dealers provide qualified installations and aftermarket service. We want to ensure that owning a Valor fireplace is a truly enjoyable experience and our dealer network is an integral part of the process. From the initial search to the finished product, our dealers will be there to make the process of owning and servicing a Valor as easy as possible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do if my Valor fireplace won’t turn on?

Answer: Ensure you are operating the remote or wall switch in the proper manner (see attached control instructions). If you continue to experience issues with lighting the pilot and turning on the fireplace, this can often be the result of low batteries not in the remote handset, but the 4x AA batteries, inside of the fireplace receiver box. Beyond battery replacement further troubleshooting will need to be conducted by a qualified service technician.

Available Resources: ValorStat Plus/Max Remote Guide

Why does my Valor fireplace makes a series of beeps when I try to light it?

Answer: The series of quick beeps is an indication that the batteries within the unit are critically low. This does not refer to the 9v battery in remote control but rather the 4 AA batteries inside of all of our current fireplaces. Refer to your fireplace manual or the link below regarding replacing batteries.

Available Resources: ValorStat Plus/Max Remote Guide | Owner's Manuals

How to replace the batteries in a Valor fireplace?

Answer: Before changing the batteries, turn the fireplace and pilot light off and allow the unit to cool down. Please refer to the "Replacing Batteries" section of your owner's manual for more information. For information related to batteries in remotes, receiver or RBWSK please visit the attached link.

Available Resources: ValorStat Plus/Max Remote Guide | Getting Started with your Fireplace | Owner's Manuals

How do I clean my Valor fireplace?

Answer: Your owner's manual includes instructions on routine maintenance such as glass cleaning and replacement of batteries in your remote receiver and handset. Scheduling a regular maintenance check with your dealer helps to ensure safe and efficient use as well as maximizing the service life of your fireplace.

Available Resources: Fireplace Cleaning & Maintenance | Owner's Manuals

Can I put a TV or artwork above my Valor fireplace safely?

Answer: Designed to reduce wall surface temperatures, Valor HeatShift™ is recommended when adding a wall mounted TV, artwork or heat sensitive materials above your fireplace. Available on select zero-clearance gas fireplaces and is required on our multi-sided LX engines.

Available Resources: Valor HeatShift™ System

How do I register my Valor fireplace warranty?

Answer: Use our online form to quickly register your fireplace warranty after it is installed in your home. Ensure you have your model number, serial number, and any other related information to complete the submission form.

Available Resources: Submit Your Fireplace Warranty

How do I find the model or serial number of my Valor fireplace?

Answer: To determine what model fireplace you own you must find the rating plate. Every fireplace comes with a rating plate that must stay attached to the fireplace. For any of our fireplaces built within the last 10 years the rating plate will be attached to a wire located near the gas valve. Note that this does often require removing the trim (not the glass window) to access. Most trims can simply be removed by lifting it up off of the hooks and pulled out toward you.

Available Resources: Submit Your Fireplace Warranty

I've just started my fireplace or the first time, what is that smell?

Answer: When operating your fireplace for the first time, some vapors may be released due to the burning of curing compounds used during manufacturing. They may cause a slight odor and could cause the flames to be the full height of the firebox, or even slightly higher, for the first few hours of operation. This is perfectly normal. See First Time Operation in your fireplace's manual for more information.

Why is there condensation on the inside of the glass window?

Answer: This is normal when the fireplace first turns on, and will disappear naturally when the fireplace heats up.

Why is there a white film on the inside of glass window?

Answer: This happens due to composition of the gas from your supplier. A byproduct of the combustion process in a gas fi replace is a mineral which can appear as a white film on the ceramic glass window of your appliance. Clean as soon as possible (when the fireplace is cool) so it does not bake onto the glass with time and become permanent.

Where can I purchase parts for my Valor fireplace?

Answer: Any of our authorized Valor dealers are able to order replacement parts for your fireplace. Please use our dealer locator to find an authorized Valor dealer nearest you. Note that installation and service must be performed by a qualified installer.

Available Resources: Locate an Authorized Valor Dealer

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Should you buy "cash & carry" indirectly over the internet, you cannot be assured of a qualified, safe installation or aftermarket service.

You may be left with hidden costs if the vendor is not able to properly install or service your fireplace. It is strongly recommended that you deal directly with a local, authorized Valor dealer.