H5 Recall Notice

1100 & 1150 Models with 3 and 4-sided trims. Convection leakage causing elevated temperature.

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This recall notice applies to Valor H5 fireplaces with the following model numbers:

  • 1100 Natural Gas – Serial Number 1100N10000 - 1100N12173
  • 1100 Propane Gas – Serial Number 1100P20000 - 1100P21132
  • 1150 Natural Gas – Serial Number 1150N10000 - 1150N11448
  • 1150 Propane Gas – Serial Number 1150P20000 - 1150P20822

H5 fireplaces with certain 3 and 4-sided adjustable trims have the potential to allow convective heat (i.e. heated air, no gas) to escape from behind the fireplace trim. In some situations, this may cause overheating and possible discoloration of the adjacent wood studs.

H5 Gas Fireplace


What Does This Mean?

If wood studs were used in the construction of your fireplace surround, the stream of convective heat from the fireplace could, over a period of time, cause charring of the wood behind the removable trims. While there have been no reports of any damage to property, Valor is conducting a voluntary recall of H5 fireplaces that were sold with certain trims.

Not all H5 fireplaces are affected. Only H5 fireplaces, identified with the above noted serial number, and paired with any of the following trims - (3 or 4-sided trims) with model numbers starting with 1135, 1140, 1145, 1149 and 1184 are affected.

In addition, this advisory does not apply if the fireplace was installed with any of the following:

  • If an optional 1130FFK (Fixed Framing Kit) was fitted with the H5.
  • If an optional Heatshift System® was installed with the H5.
  • If the studs surrounding the H5 fireplace are made of steel as opposed to wood



Locate your Serial Number

Can't find your serial number? Follow the steps below for instructions on locating your serial number.

  1. Identify that your H5 fireplace is using one the trims shown in the section above.
  2. Remove barrier screen from unit.
  3. Remove right side panel from unit.
  4. The Fireplace and Lighting information is located on a card to the right hand side of the fireplace box.
  5. The Fireplace and Lighting card will provide your model and serial number as shown in the image.

If you are unable to locate your serial number, please call 1.866.420.3360 or email h5@valorfireplaces.com.

Fireplace Serial Number Location

Identify affected units

In order to identify if your H5 is subject to this recall, please take a look at your invoice to see if the trim model number is listed. If the trim model number is not listed, we have provided visuals of each of the trims that are subject to this recall. Please see if you are able to look at the visuals and determine if you have a similar trim. If you are unable to determine if your trim is the subject of this recall please call us at 1.866.420.3360 or email us at h5@valorfireplaces.com.



Corrective Action

Valor Fireplaces has informed all of our dealers about this recall and have provided them with a set of brackets that will seal the fireplace and stop the escape of convective heat. The repair requires the removal of the front and the installation of a right and left bracket onto the H5 fireplace. The repair will take approximately 15 minutes and will be completed with the use of hand tools.

If you feel that your H5 is subject to this recall, please feel free to contact your hearth retailer or contractor directly. If you do not contact your hearth retailer or contractor, they will be contacting you to arrange a time to perform the corrective action. Please note that the retailers and contractors will be working quickly to repair all of the affected H5's but it will take some time to visit all impacted customers. We truly appreciate your patience.




If you have any questions related to this notice or require assistance, please contact 1.866.420.3360 or email h5@valorfireplaces.com.

Media Inquiries

For media inquiries or to learn more, please email marketing@valorfireplaces.com.