Efficient Home Comfort

All Valor gas fireplaces provide safety, control and home energy savings for your home.


A Valor gas fireplace can not only increase the value of your home, but it can also provide energy savings and efficient warmth for years to come.

Valor designs innovative fireplaces that include many cost-saving features; for example, the pilot light will automatically turn off if your fireplace has not been used in 7 days, saving energy and lowering overall heating costs.

Home Energy Features

Valor fireplaces provide efficient heat

Our direct vent, sealed combustion gas fireplaces eliminate any unwanted drafts and/or heat loss.

Valor fireplaces provide easy to use controls

The remote pilot ignition system allows you to easily turn the pilot light on and off, saving on fuel and energy costs.

Valor fireplaces provide efficient home energy savings

Zone Heating saves money by providing a steady, even heat in the spaces you frequent the most.

Valor fireplaces provide efficient burners

Valor's self-modulating system uses less energy to produce a beautiful and realistic radiant fire.

Valor fireplaces - No Power No Problem

Save energy with a Valor gas fireplace that does not require electricity or a fan to heat your home.

Valor fireplace safety information

Engineered to provide peace of mind, all Valor products undergo extensive safety testing.