Linear Gas Fireplaces

Highly efficient, the linear Series combines renowned Valor function with true contemporary form.

Our lineup of linear gas fireplaces have been upgraded to include the popular V-Class burner, as well as birch logs, stacked stone liners, and more. On top of that, Valor linear models will now incorporate the Valor 10 remote, as well as the all-new Valor 10 remote app for mobile devices.

Built on a strong foundation of continuous fireplace innovation, functional design, and installation versatility, the Valor linear series leads the industry with advanced radiant heat technology. Learn more by reading below, or by visiting a local authorized Valor dealer.

Valor Linear fireplaces upgraded for 2020

Features and Benefits

Upgrade your home's look and feel with one of our energy-efficient zero-clearance linear gas fireplaces.

Valor 10 Remote Control

The Valor 10 remote control offers two-way communication and haptic button feedback to provide our best control system yet. New features include the ability to control overhead lighting, childproofing, a countdown timer and improvements to Valor functions such as operation and programmatic modes. Learn more.

Valor 10 Mobile App

Linear fireplaces now offer the ability to control your fireplace from the all-new Valor 10 remote app, available now for mobile devices. Take full control of your fireplace with intuitive and interactive options - including the ability to program your fireplace, set a countdown timer, and integrate child safety locks. Learn more.



Our larger Zero Clearance fireplaces use Valor’s patented HeatShift technology, which transfers convective heat from the fireplace upwards through hidden ducts and directs it back into the room without the need for electricity or a fan. Learn more.

V-Class Burner Technology

New stainless steel V-Class burners are chock full of innovation - the enhanced flames and glowing embers maximize radiate warmth efficiently. The new burner offers a richly hued, radiant glow amidst high-definition logs.


New Birch & Stacked Stone Options

The birch logs offer a relaxing, radiant fire within the firebox that will create a beautiful ambiance in any living space. The stacked stone liner complements the fire to create a vibrant flame picture and looks great whether the unit is on or off.

Improved Burner Performance

Our new stainless steel design has improved combustion and flame appearance across all of our linear models. Propane (LP) engines especially benefit from the new design, providing a much more consistent and vibrant fire.


Outdoor Compatible

Bring the comfort of your Valor gas fireplace outdoors by adapting any zero-clearance gas fireplace with the outdoor conversion kit. Replace the outdoor chill with comfortable, radiant Valor warmth.

Zone Heating

Looking to heat other areas in your home? Our radiant gas fireplaces allows you to take advantage of Zone Heating by distributing heat to other rooms in your home—a great alternative to central heating.

Valor Linear Gas Fireplaces

Valor LT1 Gas Fireplace

LT1 Gas Fireplace

The LT1 continues to raise the standards for linear gas fireplaces with a 33% taller viewing area compared to the L1.

LT1 Gas Fireplace

Valor LX2 Multi-Sided gas fireplace

LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace

The LX2 Multi-Sided fireplace provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

Valor LX2 Multi-Sided

Valor LX1 Pier Gas Fireplace

LX1 Pier Fireplace

The LX1 Pier easily fits into any home, creating two rooms out of one or easing the transition from one to another.

Valor LX1 Pier

Valor L3 gas fireplace

L3 Linear Fireplace

At nearly 70 inches wide, the L3 provides a stunning viewing area, beautiful flame, and efficient radiant warmth.

Valor L3 Linear

Valor L2 Linear Gas Fireplace

L2 Linear Fireplace

The L2 linear fireplace boasts an impressive 50" viewing area highlighting magnificent flames within.

Valor L2 Linear

Valor L1 Linear Gas Fireplace

L1 Linear Fireplace

The L1 is a highly effective radiant and convective heater with a 40" viewing area. Ideal for medium sized spaces.

Valor L1 Linear

Valor L1 See-Thru Linear Gas Fireplace

L1 See-Thru Linear Fireplace

Connect living spaces through visual appeal and practical Valor warmth, providing efficient zone heating in two separate spaces.

Valor L1 See-Thru