Why Valor?

Researching a gas fireplace for your home? Valor provides the most efficient and enjoyable fire on the market.

The research phase of fireplace shopping can sometimes be overwhelming, but we're here to help.

Many other types of fireplaces don't offer a significant heat source. Others might depend on a fan to convect heat, along with "decorative" logs that don't project warmth throughout the room. On the other hand, a Valor has perfected radiant heat technology, allowing our fireplaces to generate constant, comfortable warmth.

Discover why you should consider a radiant Valor gas fireplace the next time you look to upgrade your home.

What to Look For?

When purchasing a gas fireplace you want to ensure it's built to last. With a Valor, you won't have to worry.

Radiant Heat

Our unique burner technology maximizes the radiant output of our fires for a natural and soothing warmth.

Convective heat

Our secondary heat exchanger and aerodynamic fireboxes naturally improve convective heat—without a fan.

Stainless Steel Burners

Our precision stainless steel burners don't rust and create an enhanced flame with glowing embers—producing radiant heat.

No Power No Problem

Valor fireplaces are fully functional heaters designed to heat your home with efficient, radiant warmth—even in a power failure—and save you money on your electricity bill.

No Power No Problem

No Noisy Fan

Our fireplaces do not require a noisy, inefficient fan to heat your space. A quieter and more enjoyable fireplace experience.

Advanced Remote

Every Valor comes with a remote. You can adjust and program the flame for constant, even warmth with a wider range of input.

Aluminized Steel

Built to last, our aluminized steel fireboxes handle high temperatures. The aluminized steel does not corrode or rust.

Fireplace Safety

We put our fires through rigorous safety testing in our in-house CSA approved lab. A Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times and is included with all Valor fireplaces.

Valor Fireplaces Safety Information

Powder Coated Paint

Our baked-on powder-coated paint offers longevity, a high-quality texture, and a more durable finish than other paint types.

Ceramic Logs

High definition, low mass fiber ceramic logs heat up and glow quickly—radiating warmth and comfort.

Ceramic Glass

Valor's more durable and robust ceramic glass improves radiant performance by absorbing and distributing radiant heat.

Features & Benefits

Learn more about heat management or energy saving features that come packed into each Valor. 


Advanced Remote Control Systems

Every Valor comes with a remote control offering full control of your fireplace. Select, adjust, and program your desired temperature during waking hours, and set timers to turn off your fireplace after you go to bed.

Valor Remote Controls

Efficient, Radiant Warmth

Rather than directly heating the air, Valor radiant gas fireplaces emit heat through the glass and spread warmth as it is absorbed by people and furniture within a room. Radiant heat is a feature of every Valor gas fireplace.

Valor Radiant Heat

HeatShift System™

Reduce wall temperatures and improve overall performance with HeatShift. This feature is ideal when adding heat-sensitive items or materials directly above the fireplace, such as a wall-mounted TV.

Valor HeatShift™

Energy-Saving Features

Every Valor gas fireplace provides safety, control, and energy savings for your home. The self-modulating system uses less energy and will turn down to pilot if the unit hasn't changed flame output for 8 hours.

Valor Energy-Saving Features

Zone Heating

Valor gas fireplaces allow you to take advantage of zone heating to deliver radiant and convective warmth to the spaces you frequent the most - a great alternative to central heating.

Zone Heat with a Valor Gas Fireplace

AutoFire™ for Inserts

AutoFire dynamically tunes your fireplace for peak performance and improved efficiencies. Higher outputs and less fuel consumption will save your home energy.

Valor AutoFire™ for Inserts

Burn Clean, Engineered Green

All Valor gas fireplaces provide efficient, heater-rated comfort. Natural gas is the cleanest fireplace fuel you can burn, with the lowest particulate levels and lowest levels of greenhouse gases. Valor specializes in the design of cost-effective, heat solutions for your home.

Green Solutions from Valor Fireplaces

Adjustable Heat

All Valor heaters are designed with variable heat controls that you can turn down low if required. Valor's wide operating range and ease of adjustment allow you to match the heat output to the heat required providing maximum use and enjoyment.

Variable Heating Options on your Valor Fireplace

Convert your Valor Fireplace for outdoors

Outdoor Compatible

Bring the comfort of your Valor gas fireplace outdoors with the easy-to-use outdoor conversion kit, and take advantage of Valor's radiant heat all year long.

Valor Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Styles for Every Space

We offer a diverse collection of stunning, realistic fuel beds, liners, and aesthetic finishes across our entire lineup. View photos and videos related to each Valor fireplace to determine your design style.

Valor Fireplaces Logs, Liners, and Media

WiFi Remote App

Select zero-clearance Valor gas fireplaces and inserts now offer the ability to control your fireplace with the Valor 10 remote app, available now for Apple Store and Google Play compatible devices.

Valor 10 Mobile Remote App


View our complete line-up of energy-efficient, radiant gas fireplaces, inserts, and stoves.



Valor LX2 Multi-Sided gas fireplace

LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace

The LX2 Multi-Sided fireplace provides outstanding radiant heat performance that will heat any living space.

LX2 Multi-Sided Fireplace

Valor LX1 Pier gas fireplace

LX1 Pier Fireplace

The LX1 Pier easily fits into any home, creating two rooms out of one or easing the transition from one to another.

LX1 Pier Fireplace

Valor L3 gas fireplace

L3 Linear Fireplace

At nearly 70 inches wide, the L3 provides a stunning viewing area, beautiful flame, and efficient radiant warmth.

L3 Linear Fireplace

Valor L2 gas fireplace

L2 Linear Fireplace

The L2 linear fireplace boasts an impressive 50" viewing area highlighting magnificent flames within.

L2 Linear Fireplace

Valor L1 gas fireplace

L1 Linear Fireplace

The L1 is a highly effective radiant and convective heater with a 40" viewing area. Ideal for medium-sized spaces.

L1 Linear Fireplace

Valor L1 See-Thru gas fireplace

L1 See-Thru Linear Fireplace

Connect living spaces through visual appeal and practical Valor warmth, providing efficient zone heating in two separate spaces.

L1 See-Thru Fireplace

Valor H6 gas fireplace

H6 Fireplace

Large in presence, the firebox design features tapered sides and shallow depth for smooth installations.

H6 Fireplace

Valor H5 gas fireplace

H5 Fireplace

A diverse fireplace that blends distinct, high-quality materials with the latest in radiant and convective heat technology.

H5 Fireplace

Valor H4 gas fireplace

H4 Fireplace

Elevated to your preferred height, the H4 fits comfortably in surrounding wall surfaces, eliminating the need for a traditional hearth.

H4 Fireplace

Valor H3 gas fireplace

H3 Fireplace

With a variety of media options, the H3 can accommodate any design style while providing efficient, radiant warmth.

H3 Fireplace

Valor Horizon gas fireplace

Horizon Fireplace

The Horizon fireplace features a range of installation opportunities in both top and rear vent applications.

Horizon Fireplace

Valor Portrait gas fireplace

Portrait ZC Fireplace

Countless installation options allow you to explore your architectural and interior design inspirations.

Portrait ZC Fireplace

Why Choose a Gas Fireplace?

A Valor zero-clearance gas fireplace is ideal when building a new home or renovating a current space. Our zero-clearance fireplaces offer a number of sophisticated designs to customize your fireplace to your home's look and feel. Watch Now

Gas Fireplace Inserts

Valor G4 Gas Insert

G4 Insert

The G4 gas insert is designed to fit existing large fireplace openings without sacrificing presence or performance.

G4 Insert

Valor G3.5 Gas Insert

G3.5 Insert

With over two decades of design innovation, the G3.5 exudes radiance, high efficiency and the ultimate in comfort control.

G3.5 Insert

Valor G3 Gas Insert

G3 Insert

Easy-to-use, energy-saving features make the G3 insert a true leader in efficient, effective zone heating.

G3 Insert

Valor G3 Classic Gas Insert

G3 Classic Insert

The Classic comes prepackaged with a clean design front for the perfect finish and is priced to compete.

G3 Classic Insert

Valor Retrofire Gas Insert

RetroFire Insert

The RetroFire is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory-built wood-burning fireplaces.

RetroFire Insert

Valor Portrait Gas Insert

Portrait Insert

Offers a diverse collection of adaptive fronts complementing both traditional and contemporary room settings.

Portrait Insert

Why Choose a Gas Insert?

Discover the benefits of upgrading to a Valor gas fireplace insert. Increase your overall home efficiency while providing ease-of-use heat controls and effective warmth distribution. Watch Now

Freestanding Gas Stoves

Valor Madrona Gas Stove

Madrona Modern

Offers the expected comfort of Valor's unparalleled radiant gas warmth in a modern, Scandinavian-inspired design.

Madrona Modern

Valor Madrona Gas Stove

Madrona Traditional

Available in arched and square styles in black and majolica, projecting warmth and ambiance in any living space.

Madrona Traditional

Valor Portrait Gas Stove

Portrait Stove

Capable of both top and rear vent installations. Displays great as a freestanding unit or tight against an exterior wall.

Portrait Stove

Why Choose a Gas Stove?

Our gas stoves provide radiant heat that will keep you comfortable while using 25% less energy compared to forced air systems. Vent through existing chimneys, through the roof with new venting, or out the wall via a direct vent installation. Watch Now

Electric Fireplaces

Valor LEX2 Electric

LEX2 Electric 50"

An ideal option when creating two rooms out of one, easing the transition from one to another, or being installed in a feature wall.

LEX2 Electric 50"

Valor LEX3 Electric

LEX3 Electric 60"

Designed to create maximum visual impact. Clean lines make this modern design look attractive even when the fire is off.

LEX3 Electric 60"

Valor LEX4 Electric

LEX4 Electric 72"

With a 71" viewing area the LEX4 is perfectly suited to create a stunning focal point that will enhance even the largest of rooms.

LEX4 Electric 72"

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Authorized Dealer Support

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