CAD Files

Dimensional and spec information related to Valor radiant gas fireplaces for industry professionals.

When designing or renovating a home we want to make sure that home professionals have the correct specifications when installing a Valor gas fireplace.

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Find the fireplace that works best for your home, and then download the information you need with ease by using the table below.

Valor fireplace CAD Files

Fireplace CAD Files

Portrait Series (Model 530)
531CSB Portrait President Stove Front
536CXB Portrait President Front
539AF Portrait Windosr Arch ZC
545CFV Portrait Clearview Inser
545CFVZC Portrait Clearview ZC
546LF Portrait Ledgeview Insert
546LFZC Portrait Ledgeview ZC
549AF Portrait Windsor Arch Insert
549APB Portrait Windsor Arch - Arched Backing Plate
563SCB Portrait Senator
569LF Portrait Ledge
583CPB Closure Plate - Black - 30" w x 33" h
Horizon Fireplace (Model 534)
610FV FenderFire Double Doors
611FV FenderFire Single Door
613CCB/623ST Contemporary Front & Square Trim
614CVI Arched Cast Iron Surround
645CFV Clearview Front
672MBF Matte Black Front
H4 Fireplace (Model 650)
660LS Outer Landscape Surround
662SSV Outer Square Surround
G3 Insert (Model 738/739)
756/765 Contemporary Front & 3 Sided Surround
764PFB 4-Sided Square Picture Frame Surround
764/765 Contemporary Front & 4-Sided Square Picture Frame Surround
765CS Contemporary Front
G3.5 Insert (Model 700)
709FT Floating 3-Sided Front
714BPB Backing Plate Kit - Black - 29" x 42"
718 Edgemont Front (archived version)
719BPB 4-Sided Trim
721/719 Edgemont Front & 4-Sided Trim
721ED Edgemont Front
G4 Insert (Model 780/785)
792 Floating 3-Sided Front
798 Floating 4-Sided Front
H3 Fireplace (Model 1000)
1000 H3 Gas Fireplace Engine
H5 Fireplace (Model 1100/1150)
1130FFK 1" Fixed Frame (rear vented)
1130FFK 1" Fixed Frame (top vented)
1135TS 3 Sided Front (rear vented)
1135TS 3 Sided Front (top vented)
1140FS 4 Sided Front (rear vented)
1140FS 4 Sided Front (top vented)
1145 Cast Backing Plate
1145/1147 Cast Backing Plate & Surround
1147 Cast Surround
1184EH Edgemont Hammered Front
H6 Fireplace (Model 1400)
1400 H6 Engine
1430FFK 1" Fixed Frame
L1 Linear (Model 1500)
1550LS 3 ¼" Three Sided Front
1575LFB 1" Adjustable Finishing Trim
L1 See-Thru Linear (Model 1600)
1550LS 3 ¼" Three Sided Front
1575LFB 1" Adjustable Finishing Trim
L2 Linear (Model 1700)
1750LS 5 ¼" Trim
1775LFB 1" Adjustable Finishing Trim
L3 Linear (Model 1800)
1850LS 5 ¼" Trim
1875LFB 1" Adjustable Finishing Trim
LX2 Multi-Sided (Model 2200)
2200 LX2 Multi-Sided Engine
Madrona Stove (Model MF28)
MFCS01-02 Traditional Arched Front