Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

Valor's radiant heat advantage has made its way outdoors

Features & Benefits

Using a Valor radiant gas fireplace outdoors provides the kind of heat you and your family need to take away the chill and provide glowing warmth.

Easy to Control

Turn your fireplace on and off or adjust the flame with the provided wall switch.

Burn Clean

An outdoor gas fireplace burns 100 times cleaner than a wood fireplace.


Automatically shuts down after six hours of use, providing you with savings.


Expand your living area with an outdoor fireplace, increase the value of your home.

HeatShift System®

Outdoor fireplaces are compatible and recommended to use the HeatShift System®.


Engineered for performance and efficiency with innovative ceramic and steel burners.


Creates a beautiful focal point in your outdoor oasis without the hassle of building a fire.


Valor fireplaces can be used during dry summer times when open fires are prohibited.

Feel the Warmth of Radiant Heat

Convert a zero-clearance Valor gas fireplace to a beautiful outdoor unit with our Outdoor Conversion Kit and take advantage of Valor's radiant heat outdoors.

Compatible Valor Engines

Valor L3 Linear Series

L3 Linear Series  |  1800JN/JP

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Valor L2 Linear Series

L2 Linear Series  |  1700JN/JP

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Valor L1 See-Thru Series

L2 See-Thru Series  |  1600JN/JP

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Valor L1 Linear Series

L1 Linear Series  |  1500JN/JP

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Valor H6 Series

H6 Series  |  1400JN/JP

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Valor H5 Series

H5 Series  |  1100J/1150JL

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Valor H4 Series

H4 Series  |  650JN/JP

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Valor Horizon Series

Horizon Series  |  534JN/JP

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Valor Portrait Series

Portrait Zero Clearance  |  530IN/IP

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Please note that the GV60CKO is not compatible with models: 700, 738/739, 780/785, 2200, MF28 or RF24.

Things to Consider

When installing a Valor outdoor fireplace, consider the following:

  • Electrical accessories, such as fans or lighting, can’t be used with a Valor outdoor fireplace.
  • Make sure to install in a weatherproof enclosure with the minimum overhang - the more, the better.
  • Don't use a thermostatic remote controlled handset with your outdoor fireplace. Instead use the wall control switch (1265WSK or RBWSK) that's included.
  • The L1 2-Sided fireplace cannot bridge an indoor and an outdoor space.
  • Cast iron fronts are not recommended for outdoor usage.
  • Your outdoor fireplace must always be situated and connected to a fixed piping system.



About Valor

Warming homes since 1890, Valor continues to set new standards in gas fireplace efficiency, comfort control and fashionable design. Our mission is to be a leader in the design and production of innovative, energy-efficient home comfort products.