12 Different types of Gas Fireplaces you need to know

5 Minutes  |  May 2nd, 2023

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When researching types of gas fireplaces for your home, it is important to consider the different fireplace installation types and your needs for heating, aesthetics, and energy consumption. To help you make an informed decision, the following article provides a breakdown of the many gas fireplace options available. These include direct-vent fireplaces, power-vented units, and outdoor installations. These options offer a range of benefits that can improve your home’s comfort.

We’ve compiled an overview of available gas fireplace options and how they benefit homeowners.

Vented Gas Fireplaces

These fireplaces have a venting system that allows proper air circulation and combustion byproduct removal. There are two types of vented gas fireplaces:

1. Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

direct vent gas fireplace

A direct vent gas fireplace is a method of venting the fireplace whereby all air for combustion is derived directly from the outside, and all flue gases are discharged directly to the outside. In fact, DV gas fireplaces are sealed to the room and exhaust through a collinear or coaxial pipe. Therefore, no chimney is required when installing a direct vent gas fireplace, meaning it can be installed almost anywhere.

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2. B-Vent Gas Fireplaces

b-vent gas fireplace

B-Vent gas fireplaces use air from inside your home to fuel combustion and rely on the buoyancy of hot gases to vent exhaust through a dedicated pipe system or chimney. They are often installed similarly to a wood-burning fireplace.

3. Ventless Gas Fireplaces

ventless gas fireplace

A Ventless or vent-free gas fireplace is the kind of hearth appliance that draws combustion air from inside the home and is designed to burn so efficiently that it eliminates the need for venting. However, it’s important to note that ventless gas fireplaces can potentially impact indoor air quality and may require additional ventilation measures.

Please be aware that Indoor ventless gas fireplaces cannot be sold in Canada.

4. Gas Fireplace Inserts

gas fireplace insert

A direct-vent gas fireplace insert is designed to be installed within an existing masonry fireplace opening or a metal factory-built firebox. It offers superior efficiency compared to gas logs or a wood-burning fireplace. Eliminate a traditional fireplace’s smoke, messy ashes, and cold draft with a sleek gas fireplace insert.

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5. Freestanding Gas Stoves

freestanding gas stove

Direct vent freestanding gas stoves are a convenient option as they can be installed just about anywhere. Gas stoves are vented through existing chimneys, through the roof with new venting, or an exterior wall via direct vent installation. They are a fantastic source of heat and are an energy-efficient way to provide supplemental heating.

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6. Outdoor Gas Fireplaces

outdoor gas fireplace

Outdoor gas fireplaces provide a stunning focal point and a way to replace the chill of the outside air with radiant heat. A direct vent outdoor gas fireplace is more energy-efficient than a wood-burning fireplace, burning 100 times cleaner than wood. Extend the time that you spend outdoors with an outdoor gas fireplace.

7. Single-Sided Gas Fireplaces

single sided gas fireplace

Single-sided gas fireplaces are the most common and offer several installation opportunities. A single-sided gas fireplace has an end-to-end burner that provides a beautiful flame picture. Liners and other interior features often showcase better as they do not have to compete with light sources from the back or side of the engine as they would on a multi-sided fireplace.

Multi-Sided Gas Fireplaces

8. Double-Sided Gas Fireplace

double-sided gas fireplace

A direct-vent double-sided gas fireplace offers the same benefits as a regular direct-vent gas fireplace but is designed to be viewed from both sides. Logs and other aesthetics are often refined to ensure that customers on both sides can enjoy the look and warmth of the fireplace.

9. Three-Sided Gas Fireplace

three-sided gas fireplace

Three-sided or peninsula-style gas fireplaces are usually installed to create two rooms out of one or ease the transition from one room to another. They provide a unique viewing experience with a three-window design while providing energy-efficient heat for any living space.

Gas Fireplaces By Style

10. Traditional Gas Fireplaces

traditional gas fireplace

Traditional gas fireplaces provide a more “classic” look than contemporary-styled ones. If you’re looking for a fireplace with rustic features, traditional is your best option. Consider the location of the fireplace when choosing the log or font options for maximum visual appeal.

11. Contemporary Gas Fireplaces

contemporary gas fireplace

For customers looking for a clean or minimalist design, a contemporary gas fireplace is the way to go. Offering modern design styles and unique aesthetic options for any room style.

12. Linear Gas Fireplaces

linear gas fireplace

A direct-vent linear gas fireplace refers to a wide-format or horizontal-styled gas fireplace. Linear gas fireplaces can also be installed as double-sided or multi-sided applications if there are options for that installation type from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, as shown above, there are many different types of gas fireplaces to consider for your home. Customers need to know their installation needs, venting applications, and style options to make an informed decision. for more information on direct vent gas fireplaces gas fireplace inserts or gas fireplace stoves please visit our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of gas fireplace is safest?

Answer: Direct-vent gas fireplaces are considered the safest kind of gas fireplace. They eliminate heat loss by drawing air from the outside of a home and then directing the air to the outside through a venting system. Sealed glass doors are standard on all direct-vent gas fireplaces to maintain combustion.

What type of gas fireplace is the most efficient?

Answer: A direct-vent gas fireplace will provide the most energy-efficient option for a home, with upwards of 70% of the heat generated staying within the space. It provides installation flexibility, unique venting, and heat-management options for heating different zones within a living space.

How can I tell what type of gas fireplace I have?

Answer: Most gas fireplaces can be identified by the rating plate attached to the fireplace engine or can be identified through their owner’s manual. Your fireplace should have a metal plate that has been permanently affixed to the fireplace, usually near the inner controls.