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Valor Remote Control Systems

Better Understand the Valor Remote Control System

Learn about each remote control system that is offered through Valor and how they can benefit both the fireplace and you as a home owner. Watch our tutorial videos below to get a better understanding of how our remote controls function. Each video can either be viewed below or you can visit our YouTube page.

Valor Comfort Control Remote

Valor Comfort Control Remote

Standard with purchase, the Valor Comfort Control manages your heating needs with convenience, reliability and simplicity. Valor's touch button handset ignites the pilot with ease, adjusts flame levels as desired and has programmable options including room temperature control. Eco-friendly in design, your fireplace will automatically turn off if inactive for over 5 days, saving energy and lowering overall home heating costs.

The Comfort Control is a sleek, modern & easy to use remote system that boasts better communication with our fireplaces than ever before while providing our users with an updated look and feel.

Model Number Model Name
1400 H6 Series
1100/1150 H5 Series

Download: Valor Comfort Control Remote Manual

ValorStat Plus Remote

ValorStat Plus Remote

The ValorStat Plus Remote Control gives you the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature that you want. The built-in timer turns your fireplace ON to warm your home before you wake up and can be programmed to turn OFF after you go to bed.

The ValorStat Plus also has the ability to turn your pilot light ON and OFF from the programmable remote control. You'll never have to get on your hands and knees to light the pilot again!

Model Number Model Name
1800 L3 Series
1700 L2 Series
1600 L1 Series 2-Sided
1500 L1 Series
739 Legend G3 Insert Series
RF24 Retrofire Insert Series
534 Horizon Series
650 H4 Series
1200 Ventana Series
MF28 Madrona Traditional & Contemporary
530 Portrait™ Series

Download: ValorStat Plus GV60 Manual

ValorStat Plus Tutorial Videos

ValorStat Max Remote

ValorStat Max Remote

The ValorStat Max Remote Control gives you the power to select, adjust and program the desired temperature that you want. Timer and Thermostat mode help save energy and lower your home heating costs.

If the optional 795CFK fan kit is installed, the ValorStat Max provides full control turning the fan on and off, as well as adjusting the fan speed settings.

Model Number Model Name
780/785 Legend G4 Insert Series
700 Legend G3.5 Insert Series

Download: ValorStat Max GV60 Manual

ValorStat Remote

ValorStat Remote

The ValorStat Remote Control helps you get the comfort, convenience and aesthetics you want from your gas fireplace. The remote controls your fireplace in different ways.

Important: Please note that on this system, the settings of time, temperature & automatic On/Off can only be programmed when the function display is flashing. Be patient when programming as it can take a few seconds to set.

Model Number Model Name
738 Legend G3 Insert Series
RF24 Retrofire Series

Download: Valor GV34 Manual


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