British Fires Electric Fireplaces
British Fires electric fireplaces are designed with award-winning LED flame-effect technology.
New Forest Electric Fireplace

New Forest 48" Electric

The 48" New Forest electric fireplace was inspired by the New Forest National Park in Hampshire, England.

New Forest 48" Electric

British Fires 63 Electric Fireplace

New Forest 63" Electric

The 63" New Forest electric fireplace features the same great LED flame visuals but, at a greater length.

New Forest 63" Electric

British Fires 75 Electric Fireplace

New Forest 75" Electric

With a 75" viewing area, the New Forest will create a stunning focal point, enhancing even the largest of rooms.

New Forest 75" Electric

British Fires Electric Stove

Bramshaw Electric Stove

The stylish and compact Bramshaw electric stove perfectly combines cozy ambiance and convenient heating. The minimalist design will suit a contemporary as well as a traditional setting. The remote control allows you to control the flame effect, the glow of the embers, the built-in heater, and more.

Bramshaw Electric Stove

Available Features

An overview of log, lighting, and installation options for the New Forest electric fireplaces.


Open Window Detection

If there is a sudden drop in temperature within a ten-minute period, the heater will automatically turn off to preserve energy. Look out for the OP sign on the digital display to show this has been activated. The heater will start up again once the temperature in the room rises or you choose to manually turn it back on.

Flame Control

Choose from the four settings to adjust the brightness of the flame to suit your mood. You can adjust the brightness and height that is displayed on the back screen until the desired effect has been reached. For more options, choose a different lighting style.

Lighting Effects

Select to have the overhead spotlights highlight every detail of the fire. Turn them off to experience a more relaxing effect. Cycle through three fire bed colors that each provide a unique style. Can't decide? The cycle setting will flow through all the colours for you.

Thermostatic Heating

The Air Curtain Technology® heater system is thermostatically controlled using the remote handset and displays the setting on the LCD screen. Choose a temperature between 63° and 81°F and the fire will do the work to heat the room up effectively.

Daily and Weekly Timer

Set the fire to provide you with the heat on any day throughout the week. The seven-day programmable calendar will remember your settings and will activate the thermostatic heater on each day and every week for when you need the New Forest fire the most.

Timer Boost

A range of settings between one and nine hours can be selected to turn the heater on for a desired length of time.

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The patent-pending Air Curtain Technology is at the heart of the New Forest Electric's innovation but, how does it work?

Once the New Forest has been powered on the fan draws in cool room air and distributes warmed air back into the room via the dual-outlet system. The outlet is shaped to push air out in a wide path to get heat into every corner of the room.

Because the heater outlet sits at the top we are able to position the glass to be nearly flush with the edge of the fire box. This means you get a wall inset fireplace with a clean and contemporary appearance.

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Distributed throughout North America by Miles Industries Ltd.



A high-end product, these stunning electric fireplaces are distributed by Miles Industries Ltd. out of North Vancouver, BC.

British Fires electric fireplaces are sold throughout North America via our authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Based out of the United Kingdom, British Fires assembles the products across the pond and then ships to North American warehouses.

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