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Now there's a quick and easy way to turn your existing fireplace into an energy efficient heat source. Engineered to keep the heat inside your home (and not up the chimney), the Retrofire insert is designed for installation within existing masonry and factory-built wood burning fireplaces.

Specifically designed to "retro-fit" in masonry and factory-built wood burning fireplaces, the Retrofire can even accommodate arched or uneven facings. Nestled within your existing fireplace opening, the Retrofire installs clean and does not require a front or trim for operation.

Room sealed and vented outside, the direct vent Retrofire eliminates smoke, messy ashes and cold drafts.

Locate a Valor Dealer to see a Retrofire Series in person.




Insert | Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LPG)


Glass Window - 21.5" width x 11.75" height = 252.625"²


XB NG | High - 20,500 | Low - 12,500 | Max - 16,169

XB LPG | High - 19,000 | Low - 12,500 | Max - 16,169

ID NG/LPG | High - 24,000 | Low - 6,500 | Max - 16,224


ValorStat Plus remote - Direct Vent only

ValorStat Remote - Mode details

Heats without electricity

Operates even during a power outage

Standard safety barrier screen

High quality ceramic glass window

Direct vent installation

Installs practically anywhere you want

Insert approved

Install as an Insert fireplace

Modulating Flame

Fire turns down for steady even heat

Heats without the need for a fan

A quieter fireplace experience

B vent installation

Installs practically anywhere you want


Extended Warranty Coverage



RF24IDN Retrofire Direct Vent Engine - NG (Comes with ValorStat Plus Remote)
RF24IDP Retrofire Direct Vent Engine - LP (Comes with ValorStat Plus Remote)
RF24XBN Retrofire B-Vent Engine - NG (Comes with ValorStat Remote)
RF24XBP Retrofire B-Vent Engine - LP (Comes with ValorStat Remote)


555CFK Circulation Fan Kit
559CLT Co-linear Terminal - chimney liner termination cap (for use with 556CLA)
559SFK Square Flashing Kit for 559CLT
658DVK2 Direct Vent Horizontal Termination & Wall Thimble
715CVI Cast Iron Surround - Vintage Iron - 29"H x 41"W
741SFB Contemporary Front - Black
741SVI Contemporary Front - Vintage Iron
743FVI FenderFire DoubleDoor Front (includes fret)
744FVI FenderFire SingleDoor (includes fret)
745CFV Clearview Front Kit - Vintage Iron
746CTK 3-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Black - 26.75”H x 36.5”W
746VIK 3-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Vintage Iron - 26.75”H x 36.5”W
747DTK 3-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Black - 26.75”H x 36.5”W
747VIK 3-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Vintage Iron - 26.75”H x 36.5”W
748CTK 4-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Black - 30.25”H x 36.5”W
748VIK 4-Sided Contour Trim Kit - Vintage Iron - 30.25”H x 36.5”W
749DTK 4-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Black - 30.25”H x 36.5”W
749VIK 4-Sided Deluxe Trim Kit - Vintage Iron - 30.25”H x 36.5”W
750OCP Oversize Closure Kit - Black
750OVI Oversize Closure Kit - Vintage Iron
751LTK Lift Trim Kit (must be used with 752BTK - adds 2” in height)
752BTK Base Trim Kit (may be combined with 751LTK/750OCP)
758CCB Clearview Cast Fret
1225VFB Ventana Fret - Black
1236MAP Metropolis Andiron - Nickel Plated
GV60BRK 1-Hour Shut Down Handset
GV60NTK Non-Thermostat Handset
RA24AV Avant-Garde Fender - Vintage Iron
RA24CV Contemporary Fender - Vintage Iron
GRA24DS Draw Barrier Screen
GV60PAK Power Adaptor Kit (RF24I only)
RA24FS Fixed Barrier Screen
RA24TB Traditional Fender - Black
RA24ZC Zero Clearance Kit for use with B-Vent Retrofire
RBWSK Remote Battery & Wall Switch Kit (RF24I only)


Valor Fireplace Safety Information

Fireplace surfaces, in particular the glass viewing window, are extremely hot during operation and will remain hot for a period of time after the fireplace is turned off. Contact with the hot glass can cause severe burns. Close adult supervision is required if there are young children, or at-risk individuals in the house.

Included with your purchase, a Valor Barrier Screen is recommended at all times. Install an approved aftermarket safety gate to keep toddlers, young children and at-risk individuals a safe distance from the fireplace.

For more important fireplace safety information, please visit our Fireplace Safety page.