Not just another pretty fireplace

Since 1890 Valor has been pioneering and perfecting radiant heat technology. While most fireplaces blow heated air into the room, ours gently heat everything in the area - people, furniture, walls - generating a constant, comfortable warmth that remains even after the gas is turned off.

From contemporary to traditional, brushed nickel or powder-coated bronze and black paints, we offer distinctive designs to enhance any décor and design. Our fireplaces provide more than just a fantastic fire. They also deliver cost efficient, reliable heat your clients will love.

Create the perfect environment for your clients

Create the perfect environment for your clients

Hear that? No fan.

Our fireplaces elegantly combine radiant and convective heating technologies. An aerodynamically shaped firebox naturally moves heat into the room - all without a noisy fan that could interfere with televisions or sound systems.

Let's clear the air.

Aside from providing a more constant, comfortable temperature, radiant heating improves air quality. No fan means no dust, fumes, pollen, pet hair or other particles are blown around. Natural humidity is maintained and in winter, static electricity is reduced.

Beautifully made.

From the corrosion-resistant aluminized steel firebox to the custom heat exchanger and barrier safety screens, every Valor fireplace features the highest quality engineering.

Safety and savings.

If the fireplace is unused for over five days, the pilot flame will automatically turn off , saving energy and heating costs.

No Power, No Problem.

Because a Valor fireplace doesn't need any electricity to run fans, the home will remain cozy in the event of a winter power outage.

Fingertip control.

A remote handset lets your clients control the pilot light, adjust flame levels and even program room temperature.

Easy to install and service.

Our fireplaces are engineered for flexibility of installation and servicing. Your clients will appreciate the effortless performance of their Valor fireplace.

Easy to get in touch.

All our spec sheets and CAD drawings are available online and we offer complete installation support.

Introducing HeatShift™

Elevates heat naturally using gravity and Valor product ingenuity—no need for a fan or electricity.

Over time, subtle temperature changes can affect wall-mounted items, artwork or TV's. Until now, you’ve needed to work around these limitations. That's why we invented the HeatShift System™.

The right heat, in the right place

HeatShift transfers excess heat upwards through hidden ducts and back into the room, completely bypassing the wall and surface areas above the fireplace. This opens up your design options and gives you the freedom to use a wider array of materials.


Authorized Dealer Support



Valor fireplaces are sold via our authorized dealer network across Canada & the United States. Valor dealers provide qualified installations and aftermarket service. We want to ensure that owning a Valor fireplace is a truly enjoyable experience and our dealer network is an integral part of the process. From the initial search to the finished product, our dealers will be there to make the process of owning and servicing a Valor as easy as possible.

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