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Learn more about zero-clearance, insert, freestanding stoves and outdoor Valor gas fireplace installations.
Valor Zero Clearance gas fireplaces


Are you renovating or building a new home? Zero clearance fireplaces are designed to be installed during renovations or new construction builds. Valor offers superior performance fireplaces that can be installed just about anywhere, increasing the value of your home. Most zero clearance appliances require direct vent installations.

Looking to heat other areas in your home? Our radiant gas fireplaces allows you to take advantage of Zone Heating by distributing heat to other rooms in your home - a great alternative to central heating.

Valor gas inserts


Convert your existing wood-burning gas fireplace with a reliable, heater-rated Valor gas insert. Our industry-leading gas insert products boast state-of-the-art comfort controls, a wide selection of distinct designs and impressive heat performance.

Since introducing our first insert in 1982, Valor insert fireplaces have grown to become the most energy efficient, controllable heat source for your home. Eliminate smoke, messy ashes and cold drafts with an efficient, economical insert.

Valor freestanding gas stoves


Tired of chopping, stacking and loading firewood in the cold? It is time to Add reliable warmth to your home with a versatile freestanding stove. With several design options, Valor stoves nestle comfortably in cold basement spaces, abandoned inglenooks and tight room corners.

Transform any cold, tiresome space with an efficient, vibrant Valor gas heater – an economical, environmentally-conscious fireplace that will last for many years to come.

Compatible Engines

Valor outdoor gas fireplaces


Now you can bring the comfort of your Valor gas fireplace outdoors by adapting any zero-clearance gas fireplace with our new Outdoor Conversion kit.

A Valor radiant gas fireplace provides the heat you and your family need to replace the outdoor chill with comfortable, radiant warmth.