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Valor Online Experiences

Valor Online Experiences

Valor offers our customers, dealers and reps a full online experience that focuses on getting the content they need in an easy to find and easy to use fashion. Whether you are on your desktop computer, an iPad or a mobile device the Valor website will customize itself to fit onto your device, allowing for simplicity to take center stage. Below we will go over each experience, and what each platform offers for our end users.

Valor on the Desktop

When you view the Valor website on your desktop or laptop computer you get access to the full fledged Valor site. This means that users can view hundreds of beautiful photographs that span our entire product line, watch HD video of burning fireplaces, search through our entire library of Valor manuals & brochures and even create your very own Valor using the Fireplace Design Center. The ability to searchand Find a Dealer are simple to use and easy to find; both of these tools help our end users get one step closer to owning a Valor. Our dealers and reps can also gain access to important information with the click of a button.

Visit our site on your desktop computer today to learn more!

Valor on the iPad

The Valor iPad website offers a lot of the same things as the desktop version, but condenses the content and links into simpler pages. We have taken full advantage of the iPad's Retina Display, which allows users to see images and video in crystal clear quality, by ensuring that any & all graphics on the tablet are Retina enabled. Colors will pop a lot more on the iPad compared to other devices meaning that our fireplaces will look better than ever!

The Valor website can be viewed in both Portrait & Landscape on the iPad. The product pages on the iPad website offer the majority of the content that end users are looking for: information on the product, videos, brochure/manual downloads and links to important areas such as finding a Valor dealer. Visit Valor on your iPad today!

Valor on a Mobile Device

The mobile version of the Valor website once again condenses the content and imagery down to fit the desired screen but still offers the same information as the desktop and iPad experiences. Vivid imagery, along with important product information, downloads and the ability to find your local Valor dealer on the go are the main focal points of the mobile website. Whether you are at home, at a showroom or on the road we want to make it easier than ever to find out everything you need about Valor products and dealer information. The mobile version of our website has been designed to work on Portrait (vertical) modes of devices.

Visit Valor on your iPhone or any other mobile device today!