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Advantages of Radiant Heat

The Wise Way to Warmth

Since introducing the industry's first heat efficient gas fireplaces over 25 years ago, we have continually advanced our designs to stay in the vanguard of the developing technologies. With rising energy costs, it only makes sense to use these precious resources wisely. Here is the Valor strategy for improving your home's comfort while controlling your heating costs.

Zone Heating

For Superior Comfort and Energy Savings.

Pumping forced heat through your entire home is often inefficient. Targeting specific areas that you frequent the most is more economical and efficient in the long run. Zone heating with a Valor requires no ducting or forced air, delivering the perfect blend of radiant and convective warmth – where you want it, when you want.

Learn more by watching our video on zone heating.

Variable Firing Rates

For Steady Even Heat.

You don't drive at one speed or cook at one temperature so why settle for less than full control of your fireplace. With Valor, a touch of the remote control adjusts the flame up or down to match the heat output of your needs. The large adjustment range - over 70% on natural gas models - lets you maintain a constant comfort level as the room warms or as the outside temperature falls making Valor truly a fireplace for all seasons.

Valor's Radiant Advantage

The Magic of Radiant Heat - Like Sunshine in your Room.

Heating Technologists have long known that radiant heat satisfies human comfort requirements with up to 30% less energy when compared to warm air systems. Like sunshine, radiant energy is efficiently distributed at light speed, converting to heat when it encounters people and objects in the room.

Our unique Valorflame burner technology maximizes the radiant output of our fires for a natural and soothing warmth that will keep you comfortable even with lower air temperatures. A BTU of Valor heat output will be more effective at making you feel comfortable than an equivalent BTU of heat from your forced air furnace and from other less radiant gas fireplace designs.

Like heat from the sun, Valor fireplaces distribute radiant warmth directly to your living space. Radiant heat satisfies human comfort needs, using up to 25% less energy compared to traditional forced air systems. Valor warmth efficiently replaces the chill from cold windows and doors, providing steady, even heat to objects in the room. Backed with a powerful secondary heat exchanger that circulates warm air through convection, the H5 is an energy efficient, heater-rated fireplace.

We Stand by Our Convections

We firmly believe that you shouldn't have to put up with the constant buzz of a fan to be warm. That's why we incorporate specially designed heat exchangers to naturally circulate warm air by convection (throughout the room). While a fan is an option, you'll likely find it unnecessary.

Cool air gets drawn into the convection chamber where it is heated. The air then convects into your room providing a consistent and even temperature... comfort at its finest!

Heats without Electricity

When the power fails, your Valor won't. No electrical hook-up requirement means a Valor is a good choice as a standby heating system for areas susceptible to blackouts.

Learn more in our No Power No Problem section.